General Management

    General Management

    Course Work Syllabus Core Paper-II (RCOM102)

    (To be selected as per Subject Specialization)

    Total Hours 60 (6 Credits) Max. Marks 100

    UNIT - 1
    Management: History, approaches - development of various schools of thought, from scientific management to post modern management (current). Short comings, pitfalls, strengths and threats of various approaches.The trend during and after the Post liberalization era.

    UNIT - 2
    Point planning, rule, strategy, strategic issues based 'on planning orientation. Decision making - types, resources, rational decisions, decision tree, implications of group decision making on management.

    UNIT - 3
    Strategy leads to structure: Types of organizational structures. Organizational Design, Chart and Departmentalization, Span of control, Authority-responsibility, centralization -decentralization, delegation, Theories of organizations, Boundary less and structure less organization, Empowering and authority - reasonability functions.

    UNIT - 4
    Motivation and leadership (No theories) significance, relevance and purpose on Managerial performance. Control - Types - Production, Financial and Human resources - feed forward control. Control leads to planning and reorganizing - Control as end result variable.

    UNIT - 5
    Management Today: Ethical issues in Management, Competitive Advantage SWOT analysis -Compliance &.quality audit. Core competence and Business Process Out sourcing (BPO),Re-Engineering, Internationalization of business, TQM and employee work culture, Boundary less organization, Performance of out sourcing, Future trends.

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