Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

    Unit - 1
    ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE : Meaning, Scope Nature Dimensions, distinction between culture & climate - value in culture - Organizational culture in MNC's - Managing multiculturalism & Diversity. Meaning of organizational effectiveness, strategies to improve organizational effectiveness and cultural implications Global and Cross cultural issues to HRM.

    Unit - 2
    INTERNATIONAL IMPLICATIONS OF HRM Managing HR in an International business-changing environment of firm - strategic planning & HR management, Information Technology & HR, Improving International Assignments through selection, Training, & Maintaining International employees.

    Unit - 3
    EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE : Emotional Intelligence-meaning, scope, self-image, awareness, perception, Knowledge and esteem - matching personality and Job, ethical decision making behavior, Transactional analysis - Ego states, Transactions, life position, strokes, games sweat shirts, Rackets, time-structuring - Impression management empathy neuro Linguistic Programming NLP.

    Unit - 4
    ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT : OD - concepts, nature, scope, Interventions-Intervention strategies - conditions for failure/success in OD efforts, issues in OD, OD trends in India - OD in International settings, OD and Organisational Effectiveness.

    Unit - 5 HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT : HRD - meaning, scope, importance HRD across cultures, Organisational Training systems, view, needs assessment, training programmes evaluation, performance appraisal design & development, legal issues, implementation & evaluation, role of appraisals in managing performance, career development & planning, factors affecting career -choices - responsibilities of Employers/managers, career counseling, designing career development, system career programmes for special group.

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