Advanced Marketing Management

    Advanced Marketing Management

    The objective of this course is to prepare students to read and understand the literatures and the stimulate new research interests in the field of marketing.

    • Marketing - Basics, Present day importance of marketing in national and global context; Consumer Behaviour - Decision Makint Perspectives, Improving the judgement process, Models of consumer behaviour; Marketing Information System - Marketing Research System and Marketing Decision Support System.
    • Research Methods in Marketing - Quantitative and Qualitative Research in Marketing, Attitude Measurement and Scaling Techniques, Product Research, Test Marketing, Advertising Research, Media Research, Motivation Research.
    • Strategic Marketing - Custimer, Competitor and Environmental Analysis; SWOT Analysis, BCG Framework model, Porter's Model, GE Model, McKinsey Model, Market Leader, Challenger, Follower and Nicher Strategies; Market Entry/Exit Decision; Marketing Mix Strategies; Sustaining Competitive Advantage and Core Competence.
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Retail Merchandising - Retailers' Marketing Mix, Product Merchandising and Display, Vendor Relations, Pricing and Mark Downs, e-retailing, Customer Relationship Management - Customer Life Time Value Customer Acquisition Development and Retention, Brand and Customer Equity.
    • Entrepreneurial Marketing - New Venture Initiation, Low budget or no budget Market Research, Alternatives to high cost advertising. Multinational Marketing - Overseas Market Research, Legal Dimensions of Multinational Marketing, New Techniques, The Social Impact of Marketing - Social Impact Analysis.
    • References:
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