Advanced Operations Management

    Advanced Operations Management

    Unit - 1
    Concept of Operations Management - Characteristics of Manufacturing sector and service sector -Evolution of Operations Management Discipline - Concepts and Calculations of Productivity -Productivity Techniques - Productivity improvement measures.

    Unit - 2
    Types of production systems - Job shop industry, Process Industry, Project type of industry, Mass production Industry with product layout, process layout and cellular manufacturing system Product design and Process selection - Make or buy decision using the Break-even -analysis.

    Unit - 3
    Supply Chain Management Logistics Management Forecasting Techniques Aggregate planning Inventory Management for dependent and independent demands - NW-1, MRP-11, ERP and use of Simulation technique for decision making inventory management.

    Unit - 4
    Concept of Total Quality Management - Quality Philosophies of Deming, Cross by and Miller Statistical Quality Control technique Continuous Improvement Strategies, Deming -wheel -Taguichi Techniques, Seven- QC tools - TQM culture, Quality Circle Six Sigma - ISO Certification Process.

    Unit - 5
    Principles of organizational transformation and re-engineering - fundamentals of process reengineering,preparing the work force for transformation and re-engineering; methodology -guidelines Analytical and process tools and techniques Information and communication technology - Enabling role of IT in re-engineering.

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