Course Work Syllabus Core Paper -II (RBOT106)
    Total Hours 60( (6 Credits) Max. Marks 100

    Advances In Plant Scienceis

    UNIT I
    Biodiversity: Introduction, estimation, distribution, significance, causes of depletion andconservation strategies; Biodiversity hot spots; Impact of climate change on biodiversity;Biodiversity and biotechnology relationship; Biopiracy and intellectual property rights;Organizations involved in biodiversity conservation; Indian Biodiversity Act (2002)

    Molecular Biology: Role of engineering in stress tolerance, Kinds of molecular markers-Proteins markers , Isozyme markers and DNA markers, advantages, disadvantages &applications of molecular markers in the field of molecular biology, Relationship amongdifferent molecular markers. Cry genes- classification and properties, Bacillus thuringenesisendotoxin and their mode of action, Advantages of molecular markers in transgenic crops.

    Stress Physiology: Physiological Effects and Mechanism of action of Auxins, Gibberellins,Cytokinins, Abscisicacid,Polyamines and Salicylic acid Water deficit and its physiologicalconsequences, drought tolerance mechanisms, salinity stress and plant responses, heat stressand heat shock proteins, metal toxicity, pollution stress. biotic stress , HR and SARmechanisms. biotechnological approaches for stress tolerance in plants.

    Enzyme Technology: Introduction to enzymes, specificity of enzyme action, kinetic andchemical mechanisms of enzyme - catalyzed reactions, enzyme inhibition, active sitestructure, enzyme assay, application of enzymatic analysis in agriculture, environment,medicine and forensic science and industry. Stability, denaturation and renaturation ofenzymes, immobilized enzymes and their uses, Biosensors. Recent advances in enzymetechnology, future prospects for enzyme technology.

    • Suggested Books:
    • Enzyme Technology by Martin Chaplin and Christopher Bucke (1990) Cambridge University Press.
    • Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology by Klaus Buchholz , Volker Kasche, Uwe Theo Bornscheuer (2005), 1 edition, Wiley-VCH.
    • Enzyme Technology, edited by Ashok Pandey, Colin Webb and Carlos icardoSoccol(2006), Springer US.
    • Introduction to plant physiology by W.G.Hopkins and NPA Huner, Wiley Int.3rd Ed. 2
    • Old and Primrose (1984).Principles of gene manipulation. Blackwell
    • Patterson, 1996. Genome mapping in plants, Academic Press.330p
    • Weising,K.,H.Nybom, K.Wolff, W. Meyere.1995. DNA Fingerprinting.CRL Press

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