>Statistics In Education

    Statistics In Education

    Course Work syllabus Core Paper -II (REDU108)
    Total Hours 60( (6 Credits) Max. Marks 100

    Unit-I: Analysis of Data
    1) Types of Data
    2) Quantitative Data
        i) Tabulation of Quantitative Data
         ii) Analysis of Quantitative Data
          a) Graphical Representation
          b) Measures of Central Tendency
          c) Measures of Variability
          d) Measures of Relationship
         iii) Qualitative Data
           a) Analysis of Qualitative Data
           b) Criticism of Historical Data
           c) Content Analysis
          d) Inductive Analysis

    Unit-2: Statistical Testing of Hypothesis-I
    Classification of Statistical Test: Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests
    i) Parametric Test
    ii) Sampling Distribution of Means
        a) Large Samples
        b) Confidence Interval
        c) Levels of Significance
        d) Small Samples
        e) Degree of Freedom
    iii) Application of Parametric Test
        a) Application of Z-Test
    b) Application of T-Test

    Unit-3: Statistical Testing of Hypothesis-II
    a) Application of F-test (one way and two way ANOVA)
    b) Non-Parametric Tests and Application of Chi-Square Test
    c) Non-Parametric Tests
    When to use Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests Chi-square
    -Use of Chi-square as a Test of 'Goodness of Fit'
    -Use of Chi-square
    Contingency Coefficient Sign Test
    Median Test

    a) The Normal Curve and its Application
    b) Analysis of Covariance (one Way ANCOVA) Concept, Assumption and uses
    c) Factor Analysis: Extraction of centroid Factors and Orthogonal Rotation

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