• The University has a big playground for outdoor games where in Basketball, volleyball, badminton & other games can be played by the students.

    Playing is not just about letting off steam. It is a vital part of youth that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance. It can also provide opportunities for children to learn and develop:

    Social Skills - when they play with other children they learn to communicate, share, collaborate and empathise with others.

    Imagination and creativity - outside play is often open-ended and children need to be creative about what and how games are played.

    Thinking and problem solving skills - as children assess risks and tackle new challenges they learn about having a go, persistence and perseverance and the success those attributes can bring.

    Sense of self - as they master new skills and play with other children they improve their competence and confidence in their own physical and social abilities.

    Sense of connection - to place, to peers and to their local community and environment.

    Self care skills - managing physical and social challenges helps children to learn about keeping themselves safe.

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